The Importance of Sound

We are often flooded by video everywhere we look, we get our news through television and online videos, viral videos come and go each week and we even watch our favorite TV shows and series on our mobile phones.

We are sometimes so fixated on how a video looks that we often forget to think of what are videos sound like. The audio in a video awakens the emotions of your audience which is why it is a part of your editing process that you cannot afford to forget.

Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

Audio adds depth to visuals, standalone visuals almost never tell the full story of your video. The sounds in your video evoke the emotions of your audience and is a guide to how they should feel about the events that are unfolding before them.

Music tracks are perhaps the quickest way to inform an audience about a particular scene or shot. That wide panning shot over a woodland scene? A crawling, ominous death march audio file instantly makes it sinister, while an upbeat music track will tell the audience that everything is going to be okay.

Music Licensing

Music is a key layer in your video and its important to follow copyright laws to make sure you're using it lawfully and giving credit where necessary. Personal preference, your video editing software of choice are some of the factors that will help you determine where you get your music from.

With that in mind, here are a few web sites that you can use for your music selection but like we always say its a matter of personal preference so let us know if there's anything we have missed. Bensound - FILMSTRO - soundstripe - Epidemic Sound -

Silence speaks louder than words

Yes, that is a contradiction of what we have discussed so far but have you ever heard the saying "play the pauses"? What this basically means is that even silence has its purpose and the purpose of taking away sound is to direct the viewer to something extremely important that is about to happen on screen.

Silence has to be used sparingly, but it's a key part of the audio in your video and when used in the right places can be a very effective tool.

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