Case Study - Coca Cola Asia Pacific

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Building a strong multinational brand requires branding to be agile enough to be related across different markets, but consistent enough to be instantly recognizable. Coca Cola has become a textbook brand for a strong image across borders.

9 second power commercial created for digital placement. Shot in true 4K to create a cinematic feel. Hard lighting used to simulate party ambiance.

Ground Rules

Four hours on the clock. Research Coca Cola's Asian brand image, storyboard, buy props and a shoot content in a space available.

Long sunset power banners intended for hero images and widescreen posters (or as we used it; a thumbnail)

What better than a gif? A slow motion gif.

High speed camera used to maximize impact at the moment of contact.

Image collection for placement in a instagram carousel or scrolling gallery.

Pairing Coca Cola with food to create an image synonymous with the brand [left].

Quick image animation structured to brand position of optimism [right]

High frame rate still photography to create a meaningful closing image.

Background lightly retouch to removed distracting elements. Color tone kept organic to retain the essence of the Coca Cola brand.

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